Rep Weaves: 27 Projects using new and classic patterns


”Traditional” Rep Weave as you’ve never seen it before

Scandinavian rep weave, or ripsmatta in Swedish, is a simple weave structure where the warp almost always cover the weft. Traditionally used as a rug technique but in actuality a very versatile method, it is well-known in weaving circles as immeasurably fun because it is simple and very fast to weave. Classic styles are characterized by bold, geometric patterns that appeal to both the purist and the modernist. In this book you will:

– Discover a breakthrough method for threading and harness tie-up
– Create classic rep weave patterns, and experiment with modern variations
– Find step-by-step instructions and color photos for every design
– Enjoy exploring this technique on an ordinary, counterbalance loom

Hardcover, 112 Pages, Color Illustrations

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