8/4 Cotton Rug Warp

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Available in Natural (Ivory), Commercial and Special Dye Colors

8/4 100% cotton available in Maysville Natural Ivory, commercial and special dye colors. Oriental Brand and 100% Cotton NAT available at same prices. . Former Great Northern colors and Oriental are now included with the Maysville colors. This is 100% cotton and has approximately 1600 yards per pound; 800 yards on each 1/2 lb tube. This warp has been made for Maysville for many, many years. Colored warp should be washed in cold water. This is the warp your grandmother used to use.

Mix and match among all types of Rug Warp.

Color cards with exact colors are available on request.

Quantity Cost Per Item: Ivory Cost Per Item: Colors
1–9 Tubes $7.65 $8.65

10–23 Tubes $7.15 $8.15

24–47 Tubes $6.60 $7.60

48–99 Tubes $6.20 $7.20

100+ Tubes $5.65 $6.65

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