Orco 70 Loom


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This is a two-harness rug loom modeled after the Union loom. It is made from ash wood with a clear finish added.

  • Capacity: Weaves up to 36″ wide rugs.
  • Frame: Heavy wood construction with scientifically diagonal braced leg design. Natural varnish finish, solid ash except rug beam (rug beam is pine).
  • Warp Beam: Divided into 2′ sections (19 sections). Holds 75 yards of warp.
  • Reed: Carbon steel, either 10 or 12 spaces per inch — specify choice.
  • Harness Frames: Steel end construction equipped with 400 twisted wire heddles. Frames are hung from pulleys by air craft cable.
  • Equipment: Comes with 2 shuttles, threading hook, warp guide (loom comb). Spool rack can be added to loom for 25.00 extra.
  • Dimension: 44″ wide x 41″ front to back x 33″ high to work level

Cost: $900.00 unwarped / $980.00 warped with full 40 yards of any available warp plus the cost of the warp

Call to order and for time frame.

Loom can be shipped via truck lines.

See Orco 74 — same loom but with 2 harnesses and treadles.

***MUST CALL FOR SHIPPING COST***  shipping will be adjusted at time of shipment