Emma Loom


By Kessenich Loom

A two-harness rug loom made specially for Great Northern Weaving (not available elsewhere).

This is a heavy-duty, folding loom made of white oak finely handcrafted in Allegan, Michigan.

This counter-balance loom weaves up to 38 inches in width. There is a very heavy weighted beater — making it a great loom for weaving nice tight woven rugs.

This loom folds to 21 inches deep so it is easy to move in and out of rooms (you will need help as it is quite heavy).

Rachets in front and back make advancing your work easy and in 1 inch increments.

This loom includes an 18-inch sectional beam.

Also included with the loom:

  • tension box
  • reed
  • heddle hook
  • 2 shuttles
  • a 10 or 12 dent carbon steel reed

Size: 50″ wide x 47″ high x 46″ deep

Weaving Width: 38″

Weaving Depth: 15″

Price: $1,575.00 plus 75 to set up warp and cost of the warp

Call 800-446-5977 to order.

***CALL FOR SHIPPING QUOTE***  shipping will be adjusted at time of shipment