Rug Wefts

Fabric on rolls. 2 to 10 inches wide, weights vary from 1 to 30 lbs. Order by weight. General colors can be specified. Most are all or part cotton. Choose from woven fabric on rolls, denim pieces or knit fabric on rolls.  All prices are per pound

Shaggy stringy edges from upholstery make beautiful soft shaggy rugs. Sold by the bag, pick light, medium or dark. You will need about 1 lb per foot of rug. Selvedge is sorted by color and bagged. This is the best selvedge available anywhere. Quality is important to us and we have searched to find a better grade of selvedge than any of our competitors offer.

Fuzzy cuts from tube socks chain together to weave rugs. Available in natural. Colored loops are dyed in 15 different colors. Colors can be combined for discounted price.

Return Policy: Do NOT return any item without prior consent. Due to shade variance, warp will not be exchanged after 10 days. No merchandise exchanged after 30 days. Please open your order immediately and check all merchandise. Let us know promptly so we can correct any mistake.