8/4 Poly Cotton Rug Warp

cottonwarpmanyAvailable in Natural (off white) and 20 colors.

8/4 poly-cotton warp is a made by combining strands of cotton and polyester. This is a 50/50 blend approximately 1600 yards per pound on 1/2 lb spools (for 800 yards each). This blend is usually durable and strong. It combines the natural characteristics of cotton’s softness and moisture absorption, with the crispness and strength of polyester. This warp does not fade and the fringes will last on your fringed rugs.

Mix and match among all types of Rug Warp.

Quantity Cost Per Item: Colors Cost Per Item: Off White
1–9 Tubes $7.30 $6.20

10–23 Tubes $6.85 $5.75

24–47 Tubes $6.35 $5.25

48–99 Tubes $5.85 $4.75

100+ Tubes $5.45 $4.35

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