Available in White or Black, Navy and Tan

Approximately 800-yd tube — 1/2 lb. This warp is nearly unbreakable, the same weight as cotton warp. It has a slight sheen.

Mix and match among all types of Rug Warp.

Quantity Cost Per Item: White Cost Per Item: Black Cost Per Item: Colors
1–9 Tubes $4.05 $4.90 $5.10

10–23 Tubes $3.55 $4.30 $4.60

24–47 Tubes $3.35 $4.10 $4.40

48–99 Tubes $3.20 $3.85 $4.25

100+ Tubes $3.05 $3.70 $4.10

Please note that color cards are available upon request. The colors as pictured could be inaccurate.

Hover over color and click the + button in the top right corner to add it to the cart. You change change your quantities in the cart.

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