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These are the same as the larger bales but a more manageable amount – 650 lb bales make about 200 small rugs.

Product Description

Smaller bales of selvedge – you can still get bargain prices. Please call before ordering for shipping quote (we will adjust shipping at shipment time)

*** SALE FROM NOW UNTIL JUNE 30, 2018- PRICE IS REDUCED TO 85 CENTS PER POUND. WE WILL ALSO PAY $20 PER BALE TOWARDS SHIPPING (VIA TRUCKLINE). ADD WARP TO YOUR BALE ORDER AND SAVE 15 CENTS PER TUBE WITH ORDER. ***shipping cost is exact less 20 – we will get a quote from truckline co  and let you know total – amount quoted on you order today will not be correct as this is for ups shipping in small boxes